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The C3 PTSA works to raise the funds necessary for our continued community partnerships.

We also help fund school and community events that aren’t covered by regular school funding such as:  the Teacher Appreciation week activities, classroom requests and additional activities as agreed upon by the PTSA members.

C3 depends on our PTSA members for our success.  Help us continue to build a school community of kind, courageous thinkers –  join the PTSA today!

Other ways to support our school include:


Get 25% off your first order with code: C3
C3 gets 10% back on every purchase throughout the year (that's right, every single time!). Visit our special url below and start shopping today
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Box Tops for Education

For every BOX TOP C3 collects we receive 10 cents!
For every BOX TOP C3 collects we receive 10 cents. Follow these 4 easy steps:
  1. Find BOX TOPS on hundreds of products.
  2. Clip BOX TOPS from each package (We need the expiration date included to count/earn reward).
  3. Drop box tops off at the collection box in the school office.
  4. C3 will collect the money!

Safeway Rewards

Help C3 receive 5% of your total purchases when you shop with a registered Safeway Card.
Stop by the front desk to pick up your reloadable card from Rachelle.

C3 receives up to 5% of your Safeway purchases!

King Soopers Rewards Program

Help C3 receive 5% of your total purchases when you shop with a registered King Soopers Gift Card.
Get your card from the C3 PTSA Secretary, email her at to coordinate.

Give the card to your cashier before your purchases are scanned and specify how much you’d like to put on the card. Then, use the gift card to pay for your purchases. You can re-load the card again and again.

Keep the card and re-load it. All of your purchases continue to accumulate towards our King Soopers rewards.

The dollar amount on the card never expires. However, if your card balances goes to zero, and you do not re-load it within 90 days, the card does become inactive, and you will need to purchase a new card from C3. If you re-load a card after it turns inactive, C3 will NOT get credit.

The King Soopers gift card is accepted at most Kroger-affiliated stores throughout the United States. It can even be used to pay for gas at King Soopers/City Markets fuel centers. Only the cards sold by C3 are registered to reward C3.

Oliver's Labels

C3 receives 20% back on every order from our unique url.
Tired of losing your children's belongings? Labeling everything helps to ensure lost items find their way back to you!

Shop online at our unique Oliver's Labels url, and 20% of the proceeds will support our fundraising efforts for C3! (Excluding gift cards)
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Top of the Lake Coffee

Order coffee beans be delivered with Thursday folders on the first Thursday of the month
Do you love great coffee? How about coffee that gives back to coffee producing communities in Guatemala, as well as to C3 PTSA?

Order coffee beans by the last Thursday of the month, beans will be delivered in Thursday folders the following week (1st Thursday of the month).

Top of the Lake will be doing holiday packages in the November order, to be delivered the first Thursday in December.
Order Coffee